ISO 22000-2005 Certification

ISO 22000-2005 Certification

We are offering highly professional ISO 22000-2005 Certification and verification services. ISO 22000-2005 Certification that we offer includes assessment wrt hazards analysis, Critical Control Point (HACCP) and Food Safety Standards. ISO 22000-2005 Certification standards are maintained for recognition of microbial content in food to ensure safe consumption by humans. Our ISO 22000-2005 Certification audit includes preventive control systems along with documentation and verification. ISO 22000-2005 Certification, provided by us, includes audit wrt procedures like correct analysis of hazards, identification of critical control points, establishing critical limits for every critical point, monitoring, keeping records, verifying HACCP System, etc. With our ISO 22000-2005 Certification, we can ensure reduced contamination and recall/product destruction. Through our ISO 22000-2005 Certification, client can get preferred supplier status and global acceptance also.

Benefit of ISO 22000

Reduces contamination Reduces recall / product destruction
Provides Market protection Provide preferred supplier status
Conformance to international standard and regulations, and requirements of overseas market. Transforms Commodities into branded products.
International acceptance.


  • ISO 22000 Certified

    ISO 22000 Certified
  • HACCP Certified

    HACCP Certified